Focus areas

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Environmental issues

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Biodiversity and ecology

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Research, teaching and innovation

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Health and well-being

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Environmental equity, partnerships and engagement

The five focus areas working groups and sub initiatives will play a large part in the development of a comprehensive and meaningful ONE VCU Sustainability Plan.

To develop these focus areas, the ONE VCU Sustainability Plan team used feedback from nearly 1,200 VCU community members who responded to the ONE VCU Sustainability Plan survey

Each of these areas will be assigned to and explored by a working group comprised of a variety of subject matter experts who will work together and collaborate with other working groups. These groups will study the current state of sustainability at the university and health system; research opportunities to incorporate into university and health system operations, administration, academics and research; and make recommendations for goals and objectives to incorporate into the draft and final ONE VCU Sustainability Plan.

Throughout this process, we will seek feedback from the VCU and local community to explore the focus areas and identifying opportunities to help shape meaningful and achievable goals that influence change and have a local and global impact. 

Please note that as the development of the plan progresses, these focus areas are subject to change.

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